Geoff Minton Letter of Support

I currently work at the Village Tavern in Jeffersonville as a server and a food runner. I was honored to read the following post by our owner, Geoff Minton, in this week's News and Citizen: Rogers Worked for Me; She'll Get the Job Done

I am very pleased to see that Lucy Rogers is running for the Cambridge / Waterville seat in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Lucy has worked for me at the Village Tavern in Jeffersonville intermittently over the last few years since she graduated high school, and during that time I’ve also come to know her personally. She has shown to me that she is a hard worker and an engaged member of our community. She has the ability to communicate well with a wide range of people on a wide range of subjects.

Lucy has a great way about her to listen to and understand what the person she is talking with is trying to communicate. I know the value of dedicated, hard-working employees. Lucy is a committed employee who puts all her effort into her job or whatever she is doing, and she does it with a smile.

Lucy will see any task through to the end, no matter the time or effort required. Our community will be fortunate to have this same energy representing our interests in Montpelier.

Geoff Minton