I envision a Vermont that is livable for younger people, older people, families, children, agricultural workers, small-business owners, educators, long-time Vermonters, and newcomers. I envision a Vermont that is livable for YOU and ME. Please join me in making this vision a reality!

Younger Vermonters and families

As a recent college graduate, I understand both the appeal and the challenges that rural towns offer to young people. I will be working to improve Internet access, advocate for small businesses and the jobs that they bring, and support our local schools in order to make Cambridge and Waterville more livable for younger Vermonters and families (more on all of this in the following pages!). In addition, I support efforts to make childcare more accessible and affordable and to support small businesses owners who would like to provide paid family leave for their employees.

Older Vermonters

There are various support options and advocacy groups for older Vermonters in Lamoille County, including Meals on Wheels, Lamoille Home Health, Rural Community Transportation, Central Vermont Council on Aging, and Community of Vermont Elders. I would like to see a better integration of these services to make them more efficient and to make the web of options less confusing to navigate. Many older Vermonters would like to continue to live at home, and services like those listed about are important components of this. Supporting older Vermonters in living at home is also a fiscally sound decision, as it is cuts down on the cost of nursing home care.

Transportation is one of the major issues facing rural Vermonters. Currently, Rural Community Transportation offers support for getting to health care appointments, but there are few options for older Vermonters in Cambridge and Waterville who do not live within walking distance of a grocery store. I would like to expand transportation options for older Vermonters who would like to continue to live at home but need support in order to do so.

Another important issue for older Vermonters is affordable housing. I would like to see more options such as Mann’s Way that provide affordable spaces for our older Vermonters in the heart of communities like Jeffersonville.

Finally, affordability is a huge issue for everyone, but in particular older Vermonters on fixed incomes. I was pleased to see that the legislature lessened the burden of social security taxes last session, and I will continue to work on bringing down the burden of property taxes, particularly for those who do not have high enough incomes to support the property taxes.

Small Business owners

I have worked for various small businesses in this community, and I have seen how many businesses in Lamoille County are struggling to stay afloat. We must reign in property taxes in order to keep businesses in the area. Many small business owners are also hindered by the expense of providing health insurance to their employees. My views on health care support small business owners, by bringing down the cost of health insurance. In addition, all issues are related: reigning in health care costs for school teachers and staff allows us to control our school budget without directly affecting children’s classroom experiences. This in turn lowers property taxes and once again supports small business owners. Thus, each issue is intricately connected to other issues.


We must invest in local schools in order to educate children in their home communities. Please see my page on education to learn more.