A list of true things about Lucy Rogers

To the Editor:

I could tell you that Lucy Rogers is running for the House of Representatives seat for our fair towns of Cambridge and Waterville and that would be true.

I could tell you that Lucy Rogers was the valedictorian of her class at Lamoille Union High School and, yes, that would be true. I could tell you that Lucy was in the top 4 percent of her graduating class at UVM and guess what? That would be true as well.

I could tell you that, yes, Lucy is very smart and worked very hard for her successes in education, and yessir that sure is true. But I would like to tell you more about the Lucy Rogers I have come to know.

Lucy is so passionate about the idea that our communities know what is best for us — that we in our little towns can decide what is best for our children and us old folks.

Lucy believes that legislation should be very carefully considered and should always remember that Vermont is made up of communities of people who know what is best for them.

The Legislature should work to encourage strong community in our villages and our towns. That is what Lucy thinks — not make our decisions like an overbearing father who thinks us kids just don’t know nothin’ and need him to set us straight.

So I think you get the idea. Lucy works hard; she is very smart and doggedly determined when she sees a thing that needs to be done. I believe Lucy will serve us well in the seat of state.

We have two great candidates, but guess who I am voting for?

Peter Ingvoldstat