Cambridge, Waterville deserve a new voice

To the Editor:

It’s my absolute pleasure to be supporting Lucy Rogers for the Lamoille-3 district of the Vermont House of Representatives.

When I learned last winter that a Waterville resident was contemplating running for the position and that she just needed to graduate from the University of Vermont first, I knew I needed to meet this person. And over the course of several months, I have had the honor of getting to know Lucy personally.

Having once been a 23-year-old candidate for this particular position myself, I hold a unique perspective on Lucy’s campaign and how I feel she will work for her district if elected. She approaches each matter with great thought, investing time to do research on the topics and meet with citizens to gather their viewpoints as well.

Rather than making hasty, rushed decisions, she puts in the time to ensure that they are the most beneficial to all. This has helped shape her campaign and prepared her well for her time in Montpelier.

I wanted to also touch upon the history of this district. Through some research, I learned that Lucy would be the first-ever woman from Waterville to serve as representative and only the third from Cambridge (following Elsie Smith in 1925 and Pearl Langdell in 1959). In the last 100 years, our two towns have sent 46 men to Montpelier and just two women. I look forward to breaking this more than 50-year tradition, in order to serve our changing and ever-diversifying district.

Our district deserves to be led by a new voice, and I urge my friends to join me in voting for Lucy Rogers on Nov. 6.

Justin Marsh