Support Rogers’s bid for House seat

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Lucy Rogers to represent Cambridge and Waterville in the Vermont State House. As a new resident of Cambridge-Jeffersonville, I was absolutely thrilled to meet Lucy this past week as she canvassed door to door for her campaign.

Her kindness and earnest demeanor are what struck me immediately. I was so impressed with Lucy that I volunteered to drive her around this week on another canvassing expedition.

As I drove Lucy door to door on Sunday, I was taken by her commitment in engaging the community to find out how our state government can improve. She displayed no dogma, or heavy-handed politics — just an open mind. Lucy mentioned that she was committed to stopping by every home in the district, regardless of party affiliation, to try and do her best to represent all points of view.

As someone committed to spending the rest of my life in Vermont, I was deeply encouraged by what Lucy exemplifies. This common-sense approach to government is what I am looking for in a representative and what Cambridge and Waterville residents can expect to receive if Lucy succeeds this November.

Lucy’s experiences locally on her family farm, along with her excellence in academic achievement make me confident that Lucy will grow into one of a Vermont’s foremost leaders guiding us to a prosperous future.

Robert Karmin