Well-prepared, frugal, exemplary leadership

To the Editor:

Lucy Rogers has my vote as the Democratic candidate for Vermont House for Cambridge and Waterville.

One thing I can say for sure, Lucy is going to hit the ground running. Watch out, Montpelier; if elected, you will be getting a person who will be an exceptional legislator.

After over 25 years of community service, this is the first campaign I have worked. This has given me the opportunity to get know Lucy personally as well as get firsthand insights on how she will work on our communities’ behalf.

She takes the time to listen to our concerns. In turn, Lucy applies well-honed analytical skills and does her homework. She has put in countless hours to learn what Montpelier has and has not done regarding such laws as Act 46, critical issues such as healthcare and how to make our communities more affordable.

For those who were at the Oct. 10 Candidates Forum, we heard Lucy thoughtfully articulate her views. It was clear she had prepared herself by taking the time to research the issues and the facts. Lucy’s thirst for knowledge has demonstrated to me she will work tirelessly to learn all sides of potential and current legislation.

It’s clear; her vision is to serve and be a strong advocate for the rural communities of Cambridge and Waterville.

What has impressed me most is how Lucy has run her campaign.

The critical characteristic she has shown is leadership. Throughout the campaign, Lucy has modeled respect and collaboration. She takes as much time as needed to listen to all views. With each decision, she carefully applies reasoned thought.

Lucy has shown boundless energy and compassion for what she is doing. She has demonstrated she is ready to take on even toughest challenges that that Montpelier may throw at her.

When it comes to fundraising, well over 100 different people have donated. None from PACs. She is frugal and strategic with every dollar spent. Lucy has demonstrated she will carefully assess how our tax dollars are spent and make sure they are utilized wisely.

We are so lucky to have someone as talented as Lucy willing to serve in Montpelier.

I encourage you to learn more about Lucy Rogers at lucyrogersvt.com, or fb.com/lucyrogersvt.

Sam Lotto