Vote for Rogers; she’s a powerhouse

Lucy Rogers is running for the Cambridge/Waterville seat in the House of Representatives. Here’s why I encourage residents of Cambridge, Jeffersonville and Waterville to vote for her: She’s a powerhouse.

What evidence do I have for this? I am a geographer at the University of Vermont who teaches and studies Vermont communities. In her junior year, Lucy showed up in my upper level class. She had to get special permission because she was a biology student doing minors in Chinese and math and hadn’t previously taken geography.

I’m glad I gave her that permission. Lucy quickly emerged as a leader in the class, absorbing information, working collaboratively with other students, being curious, and showing her ability to learn lightning-quick. Most importantly, she demonstrated her deep care for rural issues, Vermont, and rural people.

(Another piece of evidence about her care for Vermont: She left Harvard to transfer to UVM, something she may be too modest to share.) Lucy went on to conduct a thesis in geography, presented her research at an international conference, presented to the UVM Board of Trustees, and earned top honors in our college. All the while, she kept playing the cello, studying Chinese, biology and math, training for a marathon, and engaging in her community both at UVM and back home in Waterville. She’s a powerhouse.

As a representative, Lucy will do her homework. She will read every word of a policy, regulation, or brief. She will be respectful to all. She will seek to understand different points of view. She will be sensitive to difference. She will apply her powerful intellectual capabilities to the job. She will apply her big heart to the job. She will represent Cambridge/Waterville faithfully because it is her home, a place she has chosen to stay despite the credentials to go nearly anywhere. While deeply rooted in northern Vermont, Lucy has lived and worked in many other places — Alaska, Ecuador, Boston, China, Slovenia, Canada — so she understands how our pressing issues in Vermont are both unique and similar to challenges other places face.

As a resident of Underhill, I cannot vote for Lucy Rogers. But I hope my neighbors in Cambridge and Waterville will take this opportunity to send this powerhouse to Montpelier where her diligent work will benefit all Vermonters.

Cheryl Morse