Centrist, pragmatic and collaborative

By Sam Lotto, Cambridge

To the Editor:

I’m endorsing Lucy Rogers, the Democratic candidate for Vermont House representing Cambridge and Waterville.

Lucy is a hardworking Vermonter who will bring a centrist, pragmatic and collaborative form of leadership to Montpellier. For Cambridge/Waterville residents, Lucy is ready to step up to be a leader who will find sustainable solutions for the issues that are critical to both our communities.

These issues include affordable small schools and health care. Lucy is mindful of the high cost of both. Her vision is to find a balance between cost containment and quality and accessibility for all.

While sustaining what makes Cambridge/Waterville so special, Lucy knows we cannot stand still. Lucy will also be a leader for the agricultural community, the small business owner, job creation, and the development of critical infrastructure, which includes affordable broadband service.

To accomplish this, Lucy will also bring a hands-on approach — voice of the people style — to Montpelier. She deeply cares about being connected to all residents of both towns.

This is shown through her decision to knock on every door in the district. I have helped her with this and seen firsthand how Lucy listens to what we have to say.

I encourage you to learn more about Lucy Rogers at lucyrogersvt.com, or fb.com/lucyrogersvt. You can also take advantage of meeting her in person when she comes knocking on your door, or reach out to her by phone (760-0604) or email lucyrogersvt@gmail.com.

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